Monday 20 August 2018

Mid-Autumn @ Xin Cuisine, Concorde KL

Look deer, bunny’s come out to play

August 21

This Mid-Autumn, the deer and rabbit have come out to play at Xin Cuisine. These two animals, crafted in silver, sit prettily on top of lacquered boxes in two pairs of pastel pink and blue or yellow and orange.

The boxes make perfect Mid-Autumn festive gifts as each contains a 180g baked mooncake. For the Pink & Blue giftbox, mooncakes are Japanese Red Bean and Pure Lotus Double Yolk while the Yellow & Orange Giftbox contains mooncakes of White Pure Lotus Paste and Green Tea Pure Lotus Single Yolk. Each 2-giftbox set is priced at RM88 while the 4-giftbox set is RM148. I love that after the mooncakes are eaten and digested, the boxes can be used to keep trinkets or memorabilia. 
Then there’s Concorde’s snowskin range. The all-time best-seller is Snowskin Durian Musang King. When sliced, you can see layers of pure durian flesh, compressed tight. There are no additives and you can really taste the flavour of the king of fruit. The Durian Musang King mooncake is priced at RM98 for 2-piece giftbox and RM168 for a 4-piece giftbox.
Pure Musang King durian flesh encased in snowskin pastry
There are three other flavours of snowskin mooncakes, priced at RM88 (2 pcs) and RM148 (4 pcs): Yam and salted egg yolk, lotus paste, dried longan and black goji berry (wolfberry) as well as lotus paste and roselle. Snowskin giftboxes are also sold a la carte and sets are priced differently.
Lotus paste and roselle
The snowskin mooncake with lotus paste, dried longan and black goji berry is rather superb in both texture and flavour. The dried longan gives a lovely fruity taste to the filling while the black goji berry is a powerful antioxidant that can fight free radicals and enhance the immune system.
Lovely textures with the addition of dried longan and black goji berry
Purchases before September 1 are not subjected to SST. Concorde’s mooncake kiosks are located at the hotel lobby (10.30am to 8pm) and at Mid Valley Megamall (from September 6).

Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL

+6012-399 5007 

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