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Dim Sum Promotion @ RM5 a plate

September 6, 2018

The newly opened Celestial Dynasty is having a special dim sum promotion for weekends in the month of September. 25 selected items will be available at only RM5 per plate.
Its dim sum chef has interesting offerings, in addition to the regular items. The menu comprises steamed, baked, rice noodle rolls (cheong fun), congee and dessert varieties.
Recently, we tried a few items from its regular menu. I love steamed dim sum, such as Steamed Xiu Mai (regular price RM9.80) and Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling (RM11.80).

Xiu Mai and Xiao Loong Bao
Both are delicious with a nice balance in flavours and textures. What strikes me immediately is that each dumpling is quite big in size, so there’s no popping it whole in the mouth.
Char Xiu Bao
Even the Steamed Char Xiu Bao (RM8.80) is quite big, unusual when in most restaurants, dim sum sizes are shrinking year after year. I like how the Steamed Egg Yolk Bao (RM8.80) is not as salty as the regular lau sar bao. But the centre is a rich and creamy filling that oozes out.
Then there is Steamed Double Flavours Xiao Loong Bao (RM12.80), with a delicious soup and minced meat encased in the pastry skin.
Deepfried sesame balls

Deepfried Beancurd Roll
Steamed Beancurd Roll and Steamed Egg Yolk Bao
I love hearing the crunch when I bite into the Deepfried Beancurd Roll with Prawn (RM11.80), to encounter a soft, juicy prawn interior. If you don’t like crunchy, the Steamed Beancurd Roll (RM11.80) is perfect as it comes with superior oyster sauce to bring out the taste.
There are so much more in the menu, such as Wor Tip (potstickers), Lor Mai Gai (steamed glutinous rice), Phoenix Claws Sichuan Style, Steamed Fish Dumplings, Deepfried Prawn Meat with Jackfruit Roll, Rice Noodle Roll with Smoked Duck and Deepfried Crab Meat With Scrambled Egg White.
Wor Tip with julinned ginger in vinegar dip

Crispy Sesame Scallion Crepe is one of the Dim Sum Chef's specialties
Sesame Scallion Crepe
From the Chef’s Specialties section, we pick Crispy Sesame Scallion Crepe (RM12.80), inspired by Chinese scallion pancakes. Shaped in a roll, the crepe is crisp on the outside with a soft filling fragrant with scallions.
Other Chef’s Specialties include Steamed White Cabbage with Prawn Meat Dumpling, Steamed Xiu Mai with Scallop and Panfried Shanghai Pork Bun.
To end on a sweet note, there’s Caramel Egg Pudding, Chilled Osmanthus & Wolfberry Jelly, and Chilled Twins Pear with Red Wine.


16, Jalan 19/1
Section 19, Petaling Jaya

+603-7931 7273/1090

September weekends only. Selected dim sum menu at RM5 per plate

Opening Hours
Dim sum promotion from 11am to 3pm

Open car park in front of restaurant or on roadside

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