Friday 5 July 2019

Table Talk @ Dorsett Hartamas KL

Dainty finger food and Burger Towers

July 5, 2019

Three tiers of finger food, including sandwiches, sliders, mini spring rolls, cupcakes, tarts and macarons – these are what indulgent afternoons look like at Table Talk at Dorsett Hartamas KL.

At the media preview, we nibbled on croissants stuffed with beef salami and delightful crustless sandwiches filled with tuna and egg. We pop mushroom quiche and salmon quiche into the mouth and wash these down with cups of steaming hot coffee or tea.

Crustless club sandwiches, mushroom quiche and mini sliders
The mini sliders have chicken patties between sesame and charcoal buns. This is just the top tiers of the 3-tier trays containing these delicacies.
The middle tier is filled with sweets. 

Cupcakes, fruit tarts and chocolates
I see cheese cake, cupcakes, fruit tartlets, red velvet cake, chocolate and macarons. The yummy fruit tartlets have strawberry and grapes on a shortcrust cup filled with peanut butter.

Scones with cream and strawberry jam
At the bottom tray are two scones with cream and strawberry jam.

Platter of Asian selections: Mini spring rolls, nasi kunyit with beef rendang, chicken tikka and honey chicken wing
This is not all. Served on another plate are sticks of green chicken tikka, deepfried cheese ball, mildly spicy honey chicken wing, nasi kunyit with an aromatic beef rendang pailang, and mini spring roll with otak-otak filling.
The waiting staff also comes around to offer glutinous rice with serawa durian in individual spoons.

All you need to make that Burger Tower
Eat your burger creation to win the first prize
Afternoon Tea customers can also take part in the Burger Tower Challenge for an additional RM10. The winner walks away with a prize.
Participants are given 3 minutes to stack 6 meat patties, sliced cheese, salad leaves, olives, cucumber, tomato in between two halves of a burger bun to create a 30cm-tall (1ft) burger tower. Bamboo skewers are provided to help you keep your burger standing tall and proud.
When the 3 minutes are up, Chef Saiful Othman (of Abang Masuk Dapur TV3 fame) will come around with his ruler to check on your creations and those who have built burgers that measure up can move on to Round 2, which is eating the burger in 5 minutes. 
Sounds easy? Not quite but it’s a lot of fun, especially if your friends and family are there to cheer you on.

TABLE TALK (halal)

Mezzanine Floor
Dorsett Hartamas KL
63 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Kuala Lumpur

+603-6209 8888

Opening Hours
Saturday Afternoon Tea: Noon to 4pm at RM48 nett per person (minimum of 2 persons)

Pay an additional RM10 to take Burger Tower Challenge and win prizes.

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