Saturday 14 September 2019

HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder

Laundry wash, organic & eco-friendly way

Sept 14, 2019

Recently, my son suffered a few episodes of rashes on the inner thigh and, despite trips to the clinic, found little if any relief. He felt it might be caused by detergent, so I scouted around for a skin-friendly, eco detergent. There are quite a few brands on sale in the supermarkets and I tried a couple but was not satisfied with the overall results.
Then My Best Friend mentioned having switched to using an organic home use product and suggested that it could work for me too. HōMUplus+ detergent powder, made in Taiwan and distributed by 98 Percent Sdn Bhd, combines natural orange essential oil with cleaning elements to remove dirt and stains from clothing. Not only this but it also eliminates bad odour and, if you’re using it to hand wash laundry without scented softeners, you can detect a light, fresh citrusy aroma.
HōMUplus+ detergent powder (left) is finer than regular laundry detergent (right)
and does not contain blue-coloured optical brighteners 
The detergent powder is more powdery and finer than my regular laundry powder and what is most obviously missing are the bright blue specks of what are probably optical brighteners.
For handwash, add just one scoop to 10 litres of water and for washing machines, one scoop is sufficient for 2-4kg laundry, two scoops for 5-7kg laundry.
The detergent does not contain chemicals such as phosphorus, optical brighteners and nonylphenol, items which can cause irritation such as swelling or rashes in sensitive skin.
Instead, it has the following ingredients:
1.     Orange Essential Oil for refreshing antibacterial and disinfecting properties 
2.     Methyl Ester Sulfonates for its strong cleaning power
3.     Sodium Sesquicarbonate, a powerful cleanser that’s harmless to the environment and skin
4.     Mirabilite which penetrates deeply to remove dirt and stains
The organic ingredients used are certified by ECOCERT.  The detergent penetrates deeply into fibre to remove stains without leaving detergent residue.
Best of all, my son feels the rashes have subsided to a lesser degree and he’s hopeful these will clear up soon.
Priced at RM58 (RM68 Sabah/Sarawak) per 2kg box, HōMUplus+ detergent powder is available online at

98 Percent Sdn. Bhd.

65 Jalan 14/29, Seksyen 14
46100 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia


 +603-7968 9988



Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

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