Sunday 5 January 2020

The Emperor @ Dorsett Grand Subang

All set for the Lunar New Year

January 3, 2020

Chef Bryan Teh has been collecting gold. Last year, the Executive Chef at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant has picked up a Gold Medal (Shanghai International Top Chefs Invitation Competition), Gold With Distinction Medal (2019 Malaysia world Elite Chefs Championship for Individual Hot Dish), Gold Medal (2019 Asian Culinary Exchange Competition, Japan).
Now, he has turned his attention to designing a yummy feast  to welcome the Year of The Rat. At a recent sampling, our media group is excited at the thought of what’s to come.

Tossing up good luck with Japanese-style Yee Sang Crispy Fish Skin & Sliced Salmon
Naturally we start with yee sang (from RM68++). The Emperor has five varieties to choose from, such as Jelly Fish & Fresh Fruit, Salmon & Korean Pear, Baby Abalone & Korean Pear, Soft Shell Crab and Korean Pear and our pick of Japanese-style Crispy Fish Skin & Salmon.
While salmon is a common ingredient, adding crispy fish skin gives a different texture to the dish. We also asked for traditional plum sauce instead of Japanese wasabi sauce. 

Maksutake Mushroom Soup with bamboo pith and free-range chicken
Roasted Chicken with Sweet Corn & Butter
We tease our palate further with Maksutake Mushroom Soup, double-boiled with bamboo pith and free-range farm chicken. This is followed by Roasted Chicken With Sweet Corn & Butter. I’m not a fan of chicken but this dish is so aromatic. There’s a riot of flavours from the buttered corn kernels and the marinade which includes five-spice powder.

Mandarin Fish with superior Soya Sauce
This year, Chef Bryan's choice of fish is Mandarin Fish. Our group is so busy catching up that the dish turned cold but surprisingly, the flesh of the steamed mandarin fish is sweet and tasty, without a hint of that fishy smell. Perhaps it’s Chef Bryan’s superior soya sauce that does the trick. 

Wokfried Tiger Prawn
Wokfried Tiger Prawn requires a little work and diners are provided with fork and knife for removing the shell. The dark sauce is amazing, both forbidding and beckoning at the same time. It’s so yummy I suck the shells clean. The sauce is also a perfect companion for the softly sautéed shredded onions under the prawns.

Braised for luck: Black Mushroom with oyster, gluten and fatt choi
Our next dish is a combination of auspicious ingredients. There’s Black Mushroom braised with semi-dried oyster, gluten and fatt choi. 

Steamed Rice With Smoked Duck
While the last dish of rice is usually the least popular as most diners would have had their fill by now, Bryan’s Steamed Rice With Smoked Duck gets the thumbs-up all around. Steamed together, the aroma of smoked duck penetrates deeply each grain of brown rice and glutinous rice. Using a combination of the two grains is also an inspired touch. While the brown rice tempers the “heaviness” of glutinous rice, the latter lends its al dente stickiness that makes each spoonful a symphony in textures. Bryan has also cleverly added to the dish some turkey ham and shitake mushrooms, so finely minced that diners will not quite notice their presence but yet, the two ingredients inject a subtle aroma that boosts instead of overpowers that of the smoked duck.

Deepfried nian gao with pandan coconut milk jelly
Double-boiled snow fungus with peach resin and red dates
For dessert, we have double-boiled snow fungus with peach resin and red dates as well as deepfried nian gao (glutinous rice flour cake) with a sliver of yam and pandan coconut milk jelly.
These are samplings from the 3 CNY Set Menus. If you have a smaller group, there are special CNY a la carte dishes including Braised Dried Seafood and Hair Moss in Claypot (RM188++), Stirfried Fresh Scallop With Assorted Vegetables & Macadamia Nuts (RM98++), Oil Poached Mandarin Fish with Superior Soya Sauce (RM230/kg) and Roasted Crispy Duck Stuffed With Glutinous Rice (RM188++).
Or indulge in a Lunar New Year Dim Sum lunch, with Deepfried Nian Gao with Sweet Potato & Yam (RM8 nett), Steamed Yam Cake (RM13 nett), Panfried Chives with Prawn (RM18 nett), Steamed Fish Maw Stuffed With Asparagus (RM28 nett), Deepfried Scallop Yam Dumpling (RM28 nett) and Steamed Baby Abalone (RM38 nett). Available for lunch only from January 25 to February 8, 2020.


Dorsett Grand Subang
Jalan SS12/1, Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

+603-5031 6060 Ext 1954


Opening Hours
Daily: Noon to 2.30pm; 6pm to 10pm

From December 15, 2019 to February 8, 2020: CNY 8-course dinner for table of 10.
Prosperity Set Menu (RM1,188 nett), Health Set Menu (RM1,388 nett) and Wealth Set Menu (RM1,688 nett).
On CNY Eve and the First Day, each table will receive a Lee Kum Kee goodie bag. Those who order the Wealth Set Menu will also stand a chance to win a special Lee Kum Kee Gift Box.

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