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MCO delights from Maya

May 18, 2020

My kampung was, on Sunday, inundated with talk that a stall keeper at the TTDI market had tested positive for Covid-19. While the rumours hadn’t been confirmed by the Ministry of Health, everyone was worried. I, who am very susceptible to infections of any kind, suffered anxiety and felt very traumatised.
Not in the mood to cook and having eaten just bread and instant noodles for a couple of days, I finally pulled myself together and decided to order delivery instead. 
The menu from Maya Hotel was lying around and, since I had delicious memories of its ayam masak merah, steamed herbal chicken and yin yong noodles, I decided to make another order. Delivery is free for 5km radius with orders of RM60 and 10km for orders of RM80.
This time, I went for dishes from the a la carte menu which had categories such as salad, soup, western, Malaysian, Japanese, vegan, gluten-free, dessert and even bottled/canned beverages.
Earlier, I ordered Steamed Salted Chicken (RM18) and Cantonese-style Yin Yong Noodles (RM20) as a special treat for Mother’s Day.
Steamed herbal chicken leg with gravy and salad
Both proved excellent. The whole leg of chicken steamed just right to maintain texture and taste. The nourishing herbs of pak kei (Astragalus root), dang gui (Angelica root), goji berry and red date gave the dish a lovely aroma. There was extra gravy on the side as well as a salad with goma (sesame) dressing and the kitchen was more than generous with the portion of rice.
Yin-Yong Noodles (kway teow and crispy bihun) with egg gravy on the side
The Yin-Yong Noodles, comprising deepfried vermicelli (bihun) and kway teow (flat rice noodles), came with gravy and sliced fresh chilli in soya sauce in separate containers. The vermicelli was still crisp while the kway teow had a pleasing mild smoky aroma. The thickened gravy had prawn, sliced chicken, carrot and two types of mushroom, shitake and himeji. As a final touch, beaten egg was added to give it a silky smooth texture. I love that despite the 9km journey from the hotel to my house, the egg was not overcooked. Kudos to the chef. No wonder this dish is marked as a Chef’s Signature Dish on the menu. I’d order this again in a heartbeat.
This time, I will get more items.
So my order comprised Grilled Unagi (RM48), Deepfried Sea Bass Fillet with Mamite (RM18), Maya Chicken Burger (RM17) and Braised Shitake Mushroom with Tau Kan & Broccoli (RM15) for the vegetarian among us.
Grilled unagi with rice, miso soup and salad as well as goma dressing
Unagi (grilled eel) has always been my favourite in a Japanese restaurant and the Maya chefs do this very well. Comes with sushi rice and a salad with goma dressing on the side as well as a container of miso soup with tofu and kelp.
Boneless sea bass fillet cooked with marmite
The sea bass fillet is easy to eat. No bones, so it is perfect for young children and Marmite is a good source of Vitamin B12, thiamin and riboflavin. There is extra Marmite sauce and salad on the side. Again, the portion of rice is more than generous.
Great for vegans: Sliced tau kan with mushrooms and broccoli
What surprises me is how yummy the vegan option is. The sliced tau kan (made from soya bean) is soft and cooked in a delicious and smooth mushroom gravy. Of course there are slices of carrot, whole shitake mushrooms, broccoli florets and garden salad leaves on the side. Also served with white rice.
Chicken burger with egg and cheese
The Chicken Burger is a little disappointing. It obviously doesn’t travel well. The patty is dry and the bun rather soggy. It comes with a sealed packet of potato crisps.
Customers can order by calling 012-282 8187 or email to They can also place orders through Storehub; there is a 10% store cashback on the next order. Delivery is free with a minimum order of RM60 within a 5km radius or a minimum order of RM80 within a 10km radius. 



138 Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

012-282 8187

Delivery menu: Prices listed subjected to prevailing taxes.

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