Tuesday 16 May 2017

Chefs’ favourite dishes for Ramadan

Part of the buffet spread at Melting Pot Cafe

IS there one dish that gets you all excited during Ramadan? Personally, I can’t name one but I do have a list of at least 10. And it  wouldn’t seem fair to the rest if I pick one out.

At Concorde Hotel’s Melting Pot Café, the chefs were tasked with coming up with one of their very own favourites for the Cuit Cuit Rasa buffet for Ramadan.

Chef Senyum's Sup Gearbox Tulang Rawan
Chef Haziq's Puyuh Goreng Berempah
Something different, jackfruit rendang from Chef Ameera
Chef Rogayah loves Siput Sedut Masak Lemak with young ferns
Chef Azlan Juri makes a mean Ayam Kampung Masak Merah 
Azlan's second choice is tender Wild Deer  & Tapioca curry

Chef Wan Senyum thinks big with Sup Gearbox Tulang Rawan while chef Haziq likes it small with Puyuh Goreng Berempah.
For Chef Ameera, it’s young Jackfruit Rendang but like me, most of the other chefs could not resist listing more than one. For Chef Rogayah, it’s Ikan Sumbat – grilled cincaru (hardtail) stuffed to the gills with a mixture of spices, chilli and grated coconut as well as Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Pucuk Muda.Likewise, the cheerful Chef Azlan Juri offers Ayam Kampung Masak Merah Berkerisik, along with wild ideas like Deer & Tapioca Curry. 


Gulai Urat Belimbing Buluh is Chef Uba's pick

And for Chef Uba, it’s Gulai Urat Belimbing Buluh (beef tendons with sour bilimbing) and Udang Galah Sambal Giling with Terung Pipit. But these chefs' favourites are not all that’s available. The tables practically groan with food, from freshly shucked oysters and poached tiger prawns to local appetisers including salted fish, kerabu and all the various sambals.

Steamed black mussels with creamy tarragon sauce

Whole lamb is stuffed with biryani before roasting

Salted egg yolk butter prawns

Range of ulam-ulam with various types of sambal

Whole lamb is stuffed with biryani rice before roasting, giving the rice an irresistible aroma.
You also find Indian fare such as Fish Head Curry, Chicken Paratel and Lamb Kurma, Chinese dishes like Salted Egg Yolk Butter Prawn and Steamed Fish as well as Western food such as Steamed Black Mussels with Creamy Tarragon Sauce and Sauteed Parsley Potato.
I love the cooking stations. At the noodles station, I prefer the house-made fish ball noodles to the curry laksa. Then I get the chefs to grill sliced fish, beef, squid and shrimp or wokfry them with Melting Pot’s special sauce.

Freshly boiled ondeh-ondeh (left) and lempeng pisang

Pengat Durian with pulut

Keep room for dessert. Ondeh-ondeh is made on the spot and the lempeng pisang is not to be missed. If you like durian, Pengat Durian With Pulut will hit the right spots. Add a scoop of ice cream for added creaminess.
There are four daily rotation menus. Resident strollers Begema 5 will serenade diners from 8pm.  

Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL
May 27 to June 24, 7pm to 10.30 pm
How much 
RM148 nett per person. 
15% discount on first five days of Ramadan (May 27-31) and the last three days (June 22-24).
Call 603-2717 2233

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