Friday 18 August 2017

National Day Lobster Burger 2017

THERE’S just a bun, sandwiched with a patty.  But what a patty! Pince & Pints’ National Day highlight, the Limited Edition Lobster Burger patty, is made with the meat of a whole lobster weighing about 600g. Launched in conjunction with Malaysia’s 60th National Day celebrations, the Lobster Burger is only available from Aug 1 to Sept 30.

The Lobster Burger is served with coleslaw, sweet potato fries and three different sauces, lobster garlic butter, wasabi mayonnaise and spicy tomato

It’s a thick, fat patty. The meat is removed from the lobster shell and marinated with salt, crushed black pepper, butter, Italian parsley, house-made seasonings, breadcrumbs and egg. It is then sealed twice with cling film to retain its moisture and chilled for 24 hours.
Upon order, the patty is slowly deepfried to maintain the moist and juiciness of the lobster! 
It’s served naked with the house-made potato bun. You won’t find the usual burger trappings of lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese or egg.
No sauces slathered on the patty either though if you really want sauce, three small bowls on the side contain a spicy tomato, wasabi mayonnaise and lobster garlic butter sauce.
The lobster garlic butter is da bomb. With its crustacean aroma tinged with a hint of garlic, the creamy sauce is simply created for this indulgent burger. It’s made by simmering garlic and lobster shell for two hours, and then reducing the stock. It is then hand whisked with soft butter to get the right texture.
The spicy tomato sauce is not bad either if you must have ketchup on your burger. Adding chilli gives it a subtle kick that will please local palates.
I rather enjoy this and wasabi mayo with the fries instead. Yes the burger comes with a mountain of sweet potato fries and coleslaw made with julienned carrots and purple/white cabbage tossed in mayonnaise. The sweet potato sticks are coated with seasoned batter and deepfried to ensure they stay crisp even after the burger is all eaten.  

Restaurateur Datuk Hafez Mohamed was inspired by thoughts of Ramly Burger and Jackson Burger when he wanted to create a special dish for National Day. Since the specialty at Pince & Pints is lobster, he and the chef came up with the Lobster Burger.
Hafez says the burger is served naked because “we don’t want anything to distract from the lobster patty”.
The best way to eat it is to hold it firmly with both hands and chomp away. Take a bite and release the burst of crustacean flavours trapped that juicy patty. The rush can be a bit heady, yet the result is a rich, delicate flavour. You will be licking your lips and savouring the moment.
The Limited Edition Lobster Burger is priced at RM148++ and is available only from Aug 1 to Sept 30.


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