Friday 17 November 2017

Feel The Fire

TR Fire Grill, Pavilion KL

AS I approach TR Fire Grill on the sixth floor of Pavilion KL, the first thing that catches my eyes is the flaming, smoking logs behind a pane of glass at the entrance. Fire? In a mall? 
Marketing manager Ong Li Peng laughs and tells us that it’s fake fire but looks so real that someone actually ran to grab some water to pour on it.  
The first TR Grill opened only two years ago in Florida and this is its first and only overseas outlet. Opened in early August, its interior is pleasantly uncluttered, with an open kitchen on one side. For big groups, a round table is set in a corner with gauze curtains to allow a little privacy.

 Margherita Flatbread

My Best Friend and I share Oven Baked Pizza Dip (RM25) with focaccia bread and Margherita Flatbread (RM20). The flatbread is a regular “keyboard-sized” pizza bread topped with cherry tomato, lots of mozzarella and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Good snack but I'm in love with the pizza dip. 

 Oven Baked Pizza Dip is a skillet of molten, oozy, cheesy delight

Served in a cast-iron skillet (be careful to not touch the sides), the oozy combination of buffalo mozzarella and parmesan cheese with beef pepperoni is designed to melt hearts, especially when served with fingers of lightly toasted garlic focaccia. If you like your food pedas, ask for chilli flakes and sprinkle this on the dip. Guaranteed to shoot your tastebuds to paradise. 

 Colourful Whistle  Stop Club Salad

From the Greens section, we are curious about Whistle Stop Club Salad (RM31) with smoked chicken breast. It is a riot of colours with corn, capsicum, onion, focaccia croutons, salad leaves, avocado cubes and hard-boiled egg as well as smoked chicken breast and strips of chicken bacon. Sitting on top are two deepfried crusted slices of green tomato with a pimento cheese dressing and a slice of toasted focaccia. Finally, a creamy peppercorn ranch dressing brings them all together. But do eat the crunchy green tomato and pimento cheese separately. This, for me, is the best part of the salad.

 Addictive Jalapeno Potato Tots

We ask for deepfried Jalapeno Potato Tots (RM12/dozen). These balls of mashed potato and chopped jalapeno are pretty addictive. The size of golf balls and coated with julienned potato, they are crispy on the outside but moist and soft inside. Eat with jalapeno ketchup.

 Low carb meal of salmon and zucchini noodles

Salmon & Zoodles (RM59) is great for diners on a low carb diet. Instead of pasta, the base is strands of “zucchini noodles”, chopped red pepper, asparagus, apple and feta cheese tossed in a pan of melty cream cheese sauce. I find the slab of salmon a little overcooked for my liking but the pistachio romesco sauce on top makes it more palatable. 

 Classic American Chicken and Waffle

For those hankering for that classic American dish, yes, there is Chicken & Waffle (RM36). Maple syrup-drenched waffles and fried chicken may sound like strange bedfellows but this is soul food for many Americans.

 Order to share. A huge serving of Smokehouse board

Unless you have the appetite of a wrestler, find someone to share Smokehouse Board (RM79), a platter of sausage, chicken and lamb. The chicken jalapeno sausage is rather dry and lacking in flavour but the meaty lamb chops, rubbed with agave plum sauce, are awesomely thick and juicy. The smoked chicken breast is wood grilled with a white barbecue sauce. On the side are jalapeno potato tots, a delicious fruity apple cider slaw and a grainy mustard sauce. 

 Asian Pear & Papaya Cobbler (left) and Buttery Seared Lemon Pound Cake

If you like your dessert hot, have Asian Pear & Papaya Cobbler (RM29) but the Buttery Seared Lemon Pound Cake (RM29) is more enticing. The two slabs of cake are lightly panfried and sandwiched with vanilla ice cream and blueberry compote.

  Triple treat of Chocolate Mayhem for dessert

Chocolate Mayhem (RM26/RM46) is another thriller, with chocolate and coffee gelato as well as a chocolate cake filled with coconut caramel sauce surrounded by slices of Snickers bar, chocolate mousse and dark chocolate espresso beans to wake up your senses. 

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TR FIRE GRILL (pork-free)

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Hours: Daily, 10am to 11pm

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