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Lessons from grandma

April 2018

His forte may be in French cuisine but Chef Supi Mansor, executive chef at Renaissance Hotel KL remains true to his roots as he first learnt to cook under the tutelage of his grandmother.
This Ramadan, he leads the kitchen team at TEMPTationS to offer over 100 dishes, including local, Asian and international cuisine.
The Taste Of Malaysia With Chef Supi buffet starts on May 16.
TEMPTationS at The Renaissance Kuala Lumpur
Circling the round pillar in the middle of the restaurant are cold and hot drinks. Juices, soya bean milk, susu bandung, hot tea and coffee… it’s all there. Those who prefer to start with a couple of dates will find these at the dessert spread.
Ulam-ulam (right) and kerabu selections with pie tee (top left) and tofu sumbat (bottom left)
Kerabu sotong (squid)
Appetising Mango Kerabu
Pie Tee or top hats and stuffed tofu (front)
The appetisers table is filled with a variety of ulam-ulam (salad) with the accompanying dips, kerabu, pie tee and stuffed tofu triangles. Filled with sengkuang (jicama) the pie tee is delicious, especially with the tangy chilli sauce. The mango kerabu is a plate of finely-shredded green mango tossed in a piquant sauce. All guaranteed to awaken the tastebuds.
Yabbies, blue mussels and scallops on ice
Mussels and tiger prawns
Then you find seafood on ice – tiger prawn, yabby, mussel and scallop – next to the sushi selections. Everything looks so fresh and the tiger prawn in particular, is crunchy, sweet and juicy. 
Laksa Johor with condiments
The noodles station sees plenty of action, with customers selecting their favourite noodles with gravies including asam laksa, mee rebus, laksa Johor, mee curry and prawn mee.
Hot and steaming Dim sum selection

Roasted 5-Spice Chicken
Sticks of satay and mainated fish and prawn... ready for grilling
The hot mains are stretched against one wall. Next to Chinese dim sum, bao, pasta, steamed vegetables with butter sauce & roasted almonds and a delectable roasted five-spice chicken is the Satay and Grilled Fish station. Here, customers can pick marinated  fish and prawn for a la minute cooking or sticks of beef and chicken satay with nasi impit and peanut sauce.
Chef carving the whole roasted lamb, a must have item 
At the entrance to the restaurant, a whole  roasted lamb is being carved. This is the festive favourite, a must-have at any Buka Puasa event.
Step into the restaurant and on the left cauldrons of soup – western and local and a little further down, bubur lambuk (spicy congee) in a claypot and Scallop With Broccoli in crab meat gravy. 
Broccoli and Scallops in crab gravy
Mutton Curry with potato
Beef Rendang goes well with Lemang
Long bean with prawn in spicy sauce
Malay-style fish curry
Then there’s Beef Rendang to go with Lemang (glutinous rice cooked in bamboo) unless you prefer it with spicy Serunding (floss) such as chicken, beef and fish – all available.
Kampung-style fried vermicelli is good enough on its own but also goes well with Lamb Curry with potato, Malay-style coconut milk fish curry and Wok Fried Shrimp with French bean and onion.
Amchoori Bhindi or lady Finger in a delicious sauce made with mango, onion and tomato
The scrumptious Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken
From the Indian selection, I fill my plate with Hyderabad Mutton Biryani with sides of Lady Finger in a delicious sauce made with mango, onion, tomato and garlic and two tandoori  items: Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken so spicy and scrumptious I actually have second helpings. 
Irresistible dessert spread including some old-fashioned biscuits in tins (top right)
Western cakes and pastries
Part of the colourful kuih-muih 
Dessert is a headache with so many choices of Malay pastries such as Serimuka, Kuih Kosui, Kuih Ketayap, Kuih Keria, Kuih Talam, Ondeh-Ondeh, Curry Puff and Kuih Lompang in brown, green and pink hues. This is in addition to delicate French confections and cakes as well as ais kacang with all the condiments.  

(no pork served)
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2771 6692

16 May to 14 June. From 6.30pm. 

RM138 nett. Children 6-12: 50% discount.

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