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30 September, 2018

Shopping at Robinsons KL is turning out to be an indulgent experience that goes beyond feeding our need for beautiful things and emptying our pockets. In between browsing through the aisles, we can just sit down at the many little café corners to relax to feed our tastebuds and our sense of smell.

On Level 2, for instance, My Best Friend and I chance upon SevenFriday Space while oogling watches and sunglasses by Red Army Watches. Actually, it is the aroma of beans that makes us look up from the watches though I am reluctant to tear my eyes away from a V-Series design (below) that doesn’t quite tell the time immediately and MBF’s eyeballs are locked on a pair of Insane Sunglasses (below).

Kevin Chai
But coffee beckons. We’re recommended a couple of coffee latte cocktails created by barista Kevin Chai.
The fun and funky Cendol Latte (RM17) is a creative conversation piece you can lick, from the ice cream “potong” sticking out at the top, drizzled over with espresso coffee, to the squiggles of green cendol at the bottom, embraced in gula Melaka and chilled milk and ice cubes somewhere in the middle. 
It’s been years since I had ice cream potong and definitely never served this way, allowed to melt slowly into the iced latte. 
A novel experience. Stir to mix the gula Melaka with the metal straw provided. The squiggles of cendol and the beans in the ice cream potong gives the drink plenty of texture.
Cool and funky Cendol Latte
Dirty Latte (RM12), made with Abao Blend beans from Brazil and Honduras, describes perfectly how this coffee looks from the top. Kevin says mixing cold milk with espresso gives the effect of the dirty drink look. And it’s served without spoon or straw, intentionally, he adds, “to encourage customers to enjoy the different flavours that come with each sip”.
Dirty Latte is made with Abao coffee beans
The first sip throws a full blast of caramel and hazelnut flavour with all the creaminess of a full-bodied latte. Then a second sip had a distinctly chocolately aroma. At the end, there is a lingering bitterness from the coffee beans.
Of course you can get simple, original coffees: Abao by Simple Kaffa (Taiwan), Hey Buddy by Padre (Australia) and Seasonal Blend by Supernormal Coffee Roasters (Malaysia). Prices range from RM8 to RM14 for hot coffee while iced versions are from RM12 to RM15).

Then there’s brewed tea (RM10), from Oolong and black tea to green tea and white tea. Tea lattes (RM14) are available too.
Apart from coffees and tea, there are single-pressed juices and artisan chocolate (RM14) by micro chocolate crafters from Indonesia, including West Java, Samsaman and Pulau Sapi.
Thick and creamy Iced Chocolate
SevenFriday Space serves only cakes. But the variety is interesting. Right now, there’s a promotion of Buy 2 Free 1 on individual cakes (RM10 and above) from 10am to 10pm for both dine-in and takeaway.
Peanut Torte
Carrot Walnut Cake (let) and Salted Caramel Cheesecake
After a long eye-feast at the cake chiller, we decide to share Burnt Cheesecake (RM18). It comes with little scoops of feijoa and pear sorbet and pretty edible flowers. This sorbet is my all-time favourite flavour from Kapiti and it’s an excellent pairing choice as the refreshingly mild tangy flavour of feijoa cuts across the creamy cheesecake to eliminate that “jelak” feeling. Bits of crushed nuts give added texture.
Burnt Cheesecake with Kapiti Feijoa & Pear Sorbet
Lamingtons (left) and Snickers Choc Caramel
Other varieties of cakes include Peanut Torte, Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake, Carrot Walnut Cake, Caramelis Chocolate, Lamingtons and Snickers Choc Caramel.


3rd Level, Robinsons KL
L2-01 Shoppes @ Four Seasons Place
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 

012-336 0218

Opening Hours
10am to 10pm

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