Saturday 22 June 2019

Zuan Yuan @ OneWorld Hotel

Tealicious and sizzling

June 22, 2019

Tommy Choong
Tea has always been a part of the Chinese culinary scene. Naturally, these aromatic leaves have found their way into specialty dishes.
Inspired by cups of steaming tea, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant chef Tommy Choong has created a menu using oolong, green tea, chrysanthemum and lei char (Hakka thunder tea). 
These dishes are new but this is not the first time that Tommy has used tea in his kitchen.
He says tea leaves add a distinctive flavour and essence to food. 
“Tea has withstood the test of time as the second most consumed beverage, after water,” he said with a smile. 
The tealicious menu is priced from RM38 nett per portion.

Double-boiled abalone and fish maw soup with cordycep flower and chrysanthemum
At the media preview, we start with Double-boiled abalone and fish maw soup with cordycep flower and chrysanthemum. When the lid of the individual bowls are lifted, the aroma quickens my pulse and I eagerly dip in a spoon. The soup is heavenly, full of flavour from the ingredients with just a hint of chrysanthemum. Tommy has used small buds so that the floral essence is not overpowering. Good to the last drop.

Crispy Prawns with green tea dressing
Crispy Prawns with green tea dressing are not really stuffed with yam and pumpkin. The two root vegetables are julienned and lightly battered with the prawn before they are deepfried together. The prawn is fresh and moist while the yam and pumpkin are crisp. The green tea mayonnaise is light and adds a refreshing flavour.

Smoked Village Chicken with Oolong
Smoked Village Chicken with Oolong is a classic. The chicken meat is full of bite and texture; in particular, I enjoyed the al dente chicken skin the most. The deepfried oolong tea leaves add a nice smokey flavour to the dish.

Hakka-style lei cha fried rice with seafood
I’ve had Hakka-style Lei Cha many times but this is the first time I’ve tried it in Stirfried Rice with Seafood. The basil-based and pine nuts pesto comes together with the rice in a nice rhythm. Tommy uses fresh scallops and crunchy fresh prawns as well as diced carrot, French beans and pine nuts to elevate the dish to a lofty level.

Sizzling Australian Prime Lamb Cutlets
Sizzling US Angus Beef 
Meanwhile, Tommy has a new sizzling menu. US Angus beef, Australian Prime Lamb Cutlet are cooked on heated lava plate. These come with sides of assorted vegetables and mushroom as well as a choice of black pepper, barbecue and Mongolian sauce.
The beef, I am told, is tender and well marinated. I try the thick lamb cutlets. Cooked right with just a hint of pink in the centre, the cutlets are juicy and meaty.
Other choices are Australian Grass-fed Beef steak and King Tiger Prawn. All items are at RM42 per 100g (minimum order 200g).

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant (pork-free)
One World Hotel
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

+603-7681 1159

Opening Hours
Noon to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm

From July 1-31, for lunch and dinner
Tealicious menu from RM38 nett per portion
Insanely Hot Menu at RM48 nett per 100g (minimum 200g)

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