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Going the whole hog

August 15, 2019

Housed in two stories in a strategic corner within walking distance of Cheras Leisure Mall, Anne Elizabeth is almost always packed, especially the ground floor. 
Step inside and you’d be greeted with friendly faces. Indeed, faultless service is all part of the success of the deli, stresses restaurateur chef Jacob Fong and his wife Sandra Lee.

Jacob Fong and Sandra Lee
The other part is of course the food. Jacob specialises in British and continental cuisine. His approach is simple, honest food and that’s what keeps customers coming back for more.
There are two big chillers at the far end of the deli. These are stocked with sausages, pork, beef, lamb, salmon and seabass. Customers select the meat and this will be cooked to order. Salads, side dishes, soup and pasta choices are chalked on two blackboards above the chillers.

Passionfruit & Parmesan Salad
Anne Elizabeth is big on salads, with over 15 varieties that include Rock Melon & Chia Seed, Bacon & Bacon, Roasted Beetroot, Grilled Beef, Zucchini & Onion, Pomegranate & Chicken and Smoked Salmon.
We pick Passionfruit & Parmesan Salad (RM11.90), with 2 whole passionfruit cut in halves. You can spoon the pulpy sacs and add to the salad or eat this on its own. On the plate are green and purple lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, onion rings and a fistful of dried cranberries. What makes this tick are the shaved parmesan and the honey-olive oil dressing.

Mushroom soup with bacon bits  (left) and pumpkin-tomato soup
There are two types of soup: Creamy Mushroom (RM11.90) and Roasted Pumpkin & Tomato (RM10.90). Made in-house, the intensely flavoursome mushroom soup is chockfull of texture from the coarsely chopped mushrooms. With fried bacon bits added, you’d find yourself scraping the bowl clean. As My Best Friend exclaims: “Bacon makes everything taste better!”
The pumpkin soup is rich and creamy, with a slight sour edge from the tomato. Unfortunately, I am not too fond of the sweetness from the pumpkin.

Some of the selection of sausages
When faced with about 20 types of sausages (from RM6.90 per pc), it’s agonising to have to choose one or two. There’s Mild Cheese Bratwurst, Spicy Italian, Longaniza, Chorizo, White German, Paprika, Thuringer, Pork Cheese, Farmer Bratwurst, Hungarian, English Chilli, Oxford Banger, Beer Bratwurst and Pork Cajun Spiral.

Some pork selections including Black Pig Meatball in Blanket and Pancetta
Iberico Abanico
Then there are pork cuts. Imported pork are Iberico Belly, Olive Pork Belly, Italian Pancetta, Iberico Abanico, Iberico Spare Rib. The ribs (RM68.20) are a hefty 600g per portion, so be prepared to share unless you have the appetite of a sumo wrestler. Absolutely delightful, there’s plenty for 3-4 people to go with sides. Iberico pork has a distinctive rich flavour and texture. 

Roasted rack of Iberico ribs
The meat is well marinated with grain mustard and seasalt. It’s so delicious you’d be licking the ribs after the meat is finished. Frankly you don’t need any sauce but mustard and caramelised roast gravy.

Anne Elizabeth's signature Iberico Abanico cut is medium cooked 
Iberico Abanico (RM39.80/pc of 250g) is Anne Elizabeth’s signature cut and its best seller too. This premium cut of black pig from Spain, so named as it resembles the fan that Spanish dancers use, is well-marbled and this fat is what makes the meat so juicy. It seems not every pig will yield abanico cut and comes from only 8 out of 10 pigs. Jacob recommends this medium cooked. In answer to my raised eyebrows, he explains that, unlike cooking recommendations for local pork, “Iberico pork does not have to be well done”.

Black Pig Meatball In Blanket
Black Pig Meatball in Blanket (RM9.60/pc) is made of 100 per cent minced Iberico pork wrapped with streaky bacon. Just two pieces make a satisfying meal for one.

From top: Honey Sausage, Pork Cajun Spiral, Spicy Russian Sausage and Bacon Bratwurst
We get a plate of sausages too. Our 4 picks are Spicy Russian Sausage (RM7.90), Bacon Bratwurst (RM10.90), Honey Sausage (RM7.90) and Pork Cajun Spiral (RM17.60). All prices stated are for per piece.
As the Honey Sausage is slightly sweetish with hints of smokiness, I prefer the Bacon Bratwurst which is so plump and juicy, it’s practically dripping. The Spicy Russian hits the spot for local palates weaned on sambal while the Pork Cajun Spiral has lovely nuances of spices.

Olive Pork Belly from Spain and Local Sakura Pork Loin
Local butchers supply Black Pepper Pork T-Bone, Sakura Secreto Jowl (limited), Sakura Pork Belly, Sakura Pork Loin (a lean cut cured in Jasmine Tea Brine), Smoked Bacon Steak and Pork Shoulder Soaked in Milk.

Pork Jowl is worth every bite
In the chiller, the jowl (RM23.30/pc of about 180g) is coated with a film of white fat and doesn’t look very appetising but Sandra recommends it. Lightly seasoned, it is served sliced and looks lean and dry. But one bite and we are surprised at how juicy the meat is. The jowl is served with Dijon grain mustard, mild mustard, caramelised roast gravy and pepper cream.

Beef selections, lamb and fish in the chiller
Wagyu Pichana
For beef, premium cuts are imported from Australia and the US. There are a variety of cuts such as Black Angus Hanger Steak, Wagyu Sankau, Wagyu Pichana, Prime Ribeye and Flap Steak. 
I don’t eat beef but MBF is totally over the moon with the Wagyu Pichana (RM66/pc of about 200g), singing praises of the juicy and tender medium rare portion of beef. 
Apart from pork and beef, there’s Smoked Duck Breast, NZ Lamb Shoulder, Seabass, Salmon Steak and Salmon Head (salmon airflown from Norway). 
You can also find chicken sausage and Chicken Aladdin Greek Style.
Jacob says the seabass is prepared ikejime style, the Japanese method of killing fish to drain all the blood that results in a firm, translucent flesh. 

Whole Russet Jacket Potato with sour cream, bacon, cheese and spring onion
For a hearty side to go with the meats, sausages or fish, there’s Potato Mash, Crispy Potato and Jacket Potato (RM10.90). The huge US Russet potato is topped with sour cream, bacon bits, parmesan cheese and spring onion. Good for sharing. 

Whole Portobello Mushroom stuffed with bacon and melted cheese
Add to that a whole grilled Portobello mushroom stuffed with bacon and melted cheese that’s oozing over the sides. So juicy and just a slight hint of earthiness. 
Anne Elizabeth offers a wide range of pasta, from a tomato & mushroom and spicy aglio olio mushroom to carbonara, spicy lamb/beef, bacon & cheese, chicken anchovy and salmon basil pesto. 

Banana Creme Brulee 
Dessert is Banana Creme Brulee (RM10.80), good enough for two to share after a heavy meal. Under the crisp caramelised sugar crust are slices of ripe banana and luscious, custardy bliss. And if there are children at your table, they get to pick a lollipop, for free.

Free lollipops for kids

ANNE ELIZABETH (non-halal)

1 Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

+603-9130 0319

Opening Hours
Daily: Noon to 11pm
Closed Friday

From Monday to Thursday (except public holiday), Anne Elizabeth offers Sakura Pork Belly at RM9.90/pc (usual price RM22.20), from Noon to 4pm. Dine-in only. Limited to 3 pcs per table.

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