Wednesday 21 August 2019

Mooncakes @ Concorde Hotel KL

Wish upon a blue moon

August 23, 2019

Wish upon a blue moon? Why not? Even better, bring the moon home… in blue, gold or pink. These golden “cratered” globes sparkle in 3 gorgeous hues and not only do they look good in your home but will also make great gifts for family and friends.
Hand-made individually in a process that includes glass blowing and crackling techniques, these arty crackle glass globes light up to add an enchanting aura to any room.

Crackle Glass Light Globes come in 2 sizes and 3 colours
The sparkly globes use 3 AA batteries and come with a metal stand though the stand is not necessary as the can stand firmly on their own.
There are two sizes: 22cm (9ins) and 12cm (5ins). The 22cm globe set (RM138 nett) with 4 mooncakes come in 4 set combinations of baked or snowskin mooncakes. Choices include white lotus paste, white lotus with double yolk, pandan lotus, fruit & nuts, white lotus black sesame and 2 new varieties – lotus paste with lohan kor (monkfruit) & lotus paste with chestnut & custard.
The smaller light globe sets (RM90 nett for 2 globes and 2 mooncakes) have choices of Japanese red bean, yam lotus with single yolk, golden pandan pure lotus and white lotus black sesame.
Four varieties (from top) Yam Lotus Paste, Lotus Paste with Chestnut & Custard Paste,
Lohan Kor with Longan Paste and Golden Pandan Pure Lotus Paste 
I love the lotus paste with lohan kor. The aroma of monkfruit, punctuated with bits of dried longan, is intense, as is the sweetness of monkfruit and longan. 
But for those who prefer more subtle flavours, lotus paste with chestnut and custard will be a better choice.
Musang King snowskin durian

I still remember Concorde Hotel’s Musang King snowskin durian from last year. To my delight, this best-seller is available again this year, and even better, there’s no increase in price. It’s still RM168 nett for 4 pieces. When sliced, you can see layers of pure durian flesh, compressed tight. There are no additives; the flavour and aroma of the king of fruit shines clearly.
Light Globe or Lacquer Jewellery Box? So hard to decide

Lacquered Jewellery Boxes come in 4 pastel shades
Japanese Red Bean and Chocolate Peppermint mooncake
Mooncakes also come in Lacquer Jewellery Boxes (RM148 nett) containing six mini mooncake varieties such as Japanese red bean, pure lotus, golden pandan pure lotus, yam lotus paste with salted egg yolk, chocolate peppermint and pure white lotus. The two-tier boxes come in 4 pastel shades of pink, blue, red and lavender.

Hotel Lobby (halal) 
Concorde Hotel KL
2 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603-2144 2200

·       Hotel Lobby, Concorde Hotel KL

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