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HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose

Concentrate on cleaning

Sept 20, 2019

Since I had found such immense satisfaction in using HōMUplus+ Detergent Powder, my eyes naturally turned to the other products in the series.
HōMUplus+ Nature does sound like a domestic queen’s dream come true. Billed as One Liquid, All Purpose, the ultra-concentrated cleaning liquid is made with naturally obtained and certified organic ingredients. It’s eco-friendly, said to be able to disinfect up to 99.9% bacteria and is free from harmful chemical substances. In fact, it can even be used to soak fruit and vegetables to remove pesticide residue on the surface.
It has antibacterial properties, removes bad odour, purifies the environment and drives off pests but is not harmful to skin or pets. It can remove tough stains and performs well for cleaning home areas such as flooring, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, bathroom, etc.
While I balked at the initial price, I realise, upon using, that it’s actually quite economical as the high concentration liquid has to be diluted before using.
Removed much of the watermarks in kitchen sink
I am quite happy with how well it works on general cleaning. It cuts through the grease on plates and pans like heated knife on butter and even the kitchen sink shines with delight every evening after a quick wipe over with HōMUplus+ Nature (1:5 dilution).
I next tried it on the floor tiles. Before this, I was using a hypermarket floor detergent from Kao but while this worked better than most (many brands leave a sticky film upon drying), I am happy to report that HōMUplus+ Nature (1:5 dilution) gave squeaky clean floors. 
A quick spray and the most of the dirt comes off quite easily and instantly
Limited success (right) when used on grouting
However, I had limited success with floor tiles grouting. Although it does manage to clean out some of the dirt, the grouting lines remain patchy although this might be because it’s been dirty for too long. I must say though I’ve not found a cleaner that works on grouting; I must have spent a fortune on grout cleaners. Maybe I will try a dilution of 1:3 to see if it will work better.
I am also happy that because HōMUplus+ Nature is made with organic ingredients, I can use it to soak vegetables and fruit, a necessity these days as farmers rely heavily on the use of pesticides.
HōMUplus+ Nature, as I mentioned, needs to be diluted accordingly (see table), depending on the purpose of use. The formulation has been proved to be safe for the environment and eco-system and the following ingredients are included:
·       Radix sophorae flavescentis, a natural insect repellent
·       Aloe vera, to accelerate healing of wounds and for antibacterial properties
·       Lemon, as a whitening, neutralising and anti-inflammation agent with the power to remove grease and malodour
·       Deep ocean material, for deep cleaning
·       Coconut oil, a natural foaming agent that acts as moisturiser and softener
·       Sunflower oil, for natural foaming and as a neutralising agent
Special spray bottle recommended by 98 Percent
For use in the kitchen such as wiping work surfaces, cleaning of work utensils or even industrial machines, the dilution recommendation is 1:3.
A dilution of 1:5 is recommended for washing of rice and cleaning of fruit and vegetables, cleaning of toys, milk bottles and baby’s pacifier, bathing pets as well as household cleaning of leather and wooden furniture, electrical appliances, washing the car, carpet and bathroom. It can even be used to deter pests (1:10 dilution), as an air purifier (1:20). A dilution of 1:50 is best for mopping stone tiles, wooden floors and glass surfaces as well as laundry (machine and hand wash).
The distributors, 98 Percent, recommends using the special spray bottle for best results although I suppose any spray bottle will do.
1.     Add 400 ml of water as per the highlighted level on the bottle.
2.     Add Nature concentrate into the bottle according to suggested proportion.
3.     Shake well before use.

HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Concentrated Liquid is priced at RM98 for 1L bottle and RM298 for 4L bottle. The 500ml spray bottle is RM6.

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