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Taste of Hong Kong in Kuala Lumpur

October 3, 2019

While Hong Kong cuisine is predominantly Cantonese, there are obvious influences from the various Chinese communities in southern China, such as Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew and Shanghainese. Apart from these, global cuisine too plays a big role and all these add up to making Hong Kong a gourmet paradise. 
Unfortunately, with the present aggressive rioting in Hong Kong, I for one, am not going to make a trip there, not even for food or shopping. I hear hotel rooms are going for a song though…
With that in mind, the Executive Chef of Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel, Tommy Choong, decided he’d bring Hong Kong flavours to gourmets in Klang Valley instead. 
This month, his kitchen team is focusing on Hong Kong specialties such as Crispy Roasted Duck with Yam and Sweet Sauce, Pan Fried Mousse Stuffed with Chilli, Eggplant, Bean Curd Puff and Black Bean Sauce, Oven Baked Assorted Mushrooms and Crab Meat with Cheese, Curry Fish Balls with Fish Maw and Pan-Fried Scallop stuffed with Prawn Mousse. All these will be available for lunch and dinner at RM48 nett each.
Oven Baked Assorted Mushroom & Crab Meat with Cheese
Oven Baked Assorted Mushroom & Crab Meat with Cheese Stuffed in Crab Shell (芝士焗酿蟹盖) is a non-messy way to eat the crustacean though I still prefer my crabs whole. Chef Tommy says this dish smacks of Thai influence. The sautéed shitake and oyster mushroom are combined with crab meat and stuffed into the crab carapace (top shell) and topped with cheese for grilling.
Curry Fish Ball & Fish Maw, Hong Kong-style
Bringing the sidewalks of Hong Kong to Yuan Zuan, Chef Tommy offers Curry Fish Ball & Fish Maw “Hong Kong” Style served in Claypot (喱鱼鳔鱼蛋). Inspired by the popular street food, the house-made fish balls are made with tenggiri fish paste. In Hong Kong, vendors sell fish balls together with puffed pork rind but as Zuan Yuan is pork-free, chef has replaced this with fish maw instead. The spongy fish maw absorbs the curry sauce well and the springy gelatinous texture is most pleasing on the bite.
Crispy Roasted Duck with Yam Paste
I love the Crispy Roasted Duck with Yam Paste & Sweet Sauce (荔茸香酥) which has great texture. A closer look shows that the chef has turned the recipe around; instead of the usual method where yam paste is layered over duck meat, he cleverly sandwiches cubed duck meat with sliced yam instead. “This is to ensure the duck meat stays moist,” he explains. The yam and duck are coated in a light batter and deepfried. Then a sweet sauce is drizzled over.
Panfried Scallop Stuffed with Prawn Paste 
Panfried Scallop stuffed with Prawn Paste is served with Superior Scallop Sauce (汤煎酿带子). This is a marriage of two of my favourite shellfish and the flavours come together in a harmonious tango.
Apart from the Best Of Hong Kong promotion is the Organic Village Chicken promotion with a total of 5 recipes. Topping the list is Organic Village Chicken with Chinese Herbs (药膳富贵鸡). Priced at RM120 per bird and available only with 1-day advance order, the whole chicken is fried to golden brown and then double-boiled to tenderness in a claypot with herbs that have nourishing benefits. The resultant soup is sweet and fragrant while the chicken absorbs all the flavours of herbs.
Organic Village Chicken prepared in various styles
Other dishes (RM60/½ bird) are Steamed Organic Village Chicken With Cordyceps Flower in Bamboo Basket, Poached Organic Village Chicken with Garden Greens & Dried Scallop Sauce, Smoked Organic Village Chicken and Roasted Organic Village Chicken with Black Truffle Paste.


One World Hotel, Bandar Utama  
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

+603-7681 1159

Opening Hours
Daily, Lunch: Noon to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm

The Best of Hong Kong and Organic Village Chicken promotions are available for lunch and dinner for the month of October, 2019

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