Saturday 19 October 2019

Crème De La Crème

Beauty booster you can lick 

October 10, 2019
Lio Lim and Dr Steve Chia at the launch of Beauty Elixir
Good food, health and beauty… the things in life we should not take for granted. And now, they come together in Crème De La Crème’s latest creation, Beauty Elixir, an ice cream designed to give beauty a boost.

Beauty Elixir and some of the ingredients that go into its making
Beauty Elixir is sugar free and the sweetness comes from maltitol. Not only that but it also has plenty of benefits from ingredients that include Gluthathione, Collagen, Vitamin C, Rose Water, Lychee and Cherry Blossom.
Dr Steve Chia
To create Beauty Elixir, the CDLC team worked with Dr Steve Chia, medical director of Sliq Clinic. At the launch, Dr Chia conceded that while he was not expecting people to eat nothing but ice cream for its beautifying properties, Beauty Elixir is the perfect dessert to indulge in without guilt.
I must agree. If one is looking for a frozen treat, don’t lick empty sugar-laden calories. I’d rather have a scoop of Beauty Elixir, a dessert treat with benefits. 
The idea of food for beauty is not new. Today, we consume pills, tonic brews and organic produce. In the past, women in particular, sipped ginseng and floral brews as well as desserts made with peach resin, red dates, goji berries and what not.
For CDLC managing director Lio Lim, his double-edged passions, beauty and ice cream, started his quest for an iced treat that was not only guilt free but also lusciously delicious. He’s totally chuffed about Beauty Elixir and is proud to have come up with “the first ice cream in the world with beauty properties”.
The ingredients in Beauty Elixir (RM12.90/scoop) come together in a delightfully delicious dessert treat. Each ingredient is picked for what it has to offer in the beauty equation.
1. Gluthathione is an anti-oxidant that helps to even out skin tone and brightens skin to give it a glow.
2. Vitamin C works to neutralise free radicals as well as detoxifies and boost the immune system. Also known to work on melanin (dark skin has greater amounts of melanin) and inhibit the production of tyrosinase (key enzyme in melanin synthesis) Vitamin C performs best in collaboration with Gluthathione for the best skin whitening results.
3. As for Collagen, it’s not only important for skin elasticity and firmness but is imperative to prevent ageing. It can also repair skin damage caused by acne and lightens blemishes, scars and freckles.
Essence of Beauty
4. Cherry blossom or Sakura is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.
5. Rose water, commonly used in beauty treatments, is traditionally popular in Europe and from India to Persia. 
6. Lychee adds a lovely aroma and is also rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, fibre and phytonutrient flavonoids.
Apart from ice cream, there’s also Essence of Beauty (RM18.90), a drink scented with lychee and rose. It’s topped with two little scoops of Beauty Elixir. Just stir to mix the ice cream into the drink for cool, creamy sips.

Petits Gateaux (from top) Longevity, Bomb, Beauty & The Beast, Ondeh-Ondeh and Cappuccino
Meanwhile, I am delighted to see new additions to the range of Petits Gateaux (RM22-RM25). These pretty mini ice-cream cakes include Longevity, Ondeh-Ondeh and Cappuccino.
Perfect for celebrating birthdays, the longevity peach is made of matcha and black sesame ice cream with mango yuzu compote, lemon curd, matcha sponge and coated with a white chocolate dip.
Ondeh-Ondeh comes in 4 balls of pandan kaya ice cream with ginger sorbet, gula Melaka sauce, white chocolate dip and rolled in dessicated coconut.
Cappuccino of course, is a triple ice cream combination of coffee, salted caramel and Madagascar vanilla with cookie crumble, coffee joconde (sponge cake), chocolate dip and topped with torched marshmallow.
Celebrer la vie!

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