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All about karakuchi

16 October, 2019 

Despite the late afternoon storm on Wednesday, guests at the Intimate Degustation Course with Chef Yuichi Kamimura, turned up on time. Surprising because Malaysians aren’t known to be punctual but the animated chatter and clinking of glasses gave away their eager anticipation of what’s to come.
Chef Kamimura
I could see most of the guests enjoying glasses of ice-cold Super Dry Asahi, the drink of the evening. They comprised mostly winners of a lucky draw for Asahi customers. All they had to do was purchase three pints or one bucket of Asahi at participating outlets in the Klang Valley to get a lucky draw ticket to the six-course dinner at Senja Italian Restaurant. An even bigger incentive was that the degustation menu would be by Michelin-star chef Kamimura. There were 20 grand prizes for two to the dinner.
This is not the first time that Australian-trained Chef Kamimura is guest chef at Senja. Known for his fusion-style of French and Japanese cooking, he owns a Michelin-starred restaurant, Kamimura, in the skiing slopes of Niseko.  
He said Asahi is a beer with a lot of heritage and that what makes it the top seller in Japan is the beer-maker’s obsession with quality. Inspired by the dryness of karakuchi sake, Asahi created Karakuchi beer with a sophisticated, crisp and quick, clean finish.
Super Dry was first brought into Malaysia by Carlsberg in 2011.
Winner Chang Tze Bing and his partner, Khoo Mei Yee, said the beer, with its refreshing, dry taste, could go with any food. 
Asahi Squid Fritter with dried mullet roe
Dinner started with Asahi Squid Fritter with dried mullet roe. On first bite, the squid fritter, coated with crumbled shisho, burst out with an overwhelming taste of ginger. But as one chewed, the other ingredients of sesame, kombu, chilli powder and mayonnaise tempered this down to a lingering finish.
Confited Scallop on bed of tomato salsa
Next was Confited Scallop, laid on a bed of tomato salsa alongside pickled burdock, kyuri, red seaweed and chrysanthemum petals. The translucent scallop was delicately luscious with a sweet, buttery flavour. 
Poached Marinated Eggplant under deepfried kale and topped with quail egg and crumbled mimoletto cheese
Deepfried but soft Poached Marinated Eggplant was blanketed under a leaf of deepfried kale on which rested a quail egg with a soft centre. Crumbed mimoletto cheese added a sprinkle of bright orange hues.
Grilled Lobster on lobster bisque and potato noodle
More karakuchi Asahi Super Dry for me
Chef Kamimura is known for his deft hand with seafood and the scallop we tasted earlier was a perfect example. The Grilled Lobster on lobster bisque and potato noodle was equally sensational. The bisque was explosive with crustacean aroma. I wasn’t quite taken with the choice of using cabbage in the dish though.
We had more karakuchi Asahi to clear our palates. While wine enhances the flavour of food, Asahi Super Dry is designed to cleanse the palate with its crisp taste and clean finish.
This prepared diners for the Chargrilled Wagyu, served with watercress, caramelised onion and leek. 
 Mei Yee said the medium rare beef was tender to the bite.
But beef was not my thing, so Chef Kamimura prepared for me Panfried Cod Fish with watercress, caramelised onion and potato instead. 
Chargrilled Wagyu with watercres
Panfried Cod with watercress
The cod was sweet but I detected a slight fishy flavour that was easily cleared with sips of Asahi Super Dry. 
Pear Sorbet with a yummylicious yoghurt cream crumble, nuts and berries
Dessert was exquisite – Pear Sorbet with yoghurt cream crumble, nuts, maple syrup and lime. The sorbet was smooth and lightly scented but it was yoghurt cream crumble, nuts and chopped berries with just the right balance of taste and texture that put a skip in my gait as I made my way to the car for the drive home.


(No pork served)
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Asahi Degustation Dinner with Chef Yuichi Kamimura

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