Saturday 16 September 2017

Crab Factory

Say Cheese at Crab Factory

I’ve always enjoyed my outings to Crab Factory, where the absence of utensils encourage a sense of camaraderie as diners dig in with their hands. After all, it’s hard to be pretentious when you’re licking sauce off your fingers.
Now, there are two more finger-licking good reasons to dine there: Cheesey Topping and Salted Egg.

Seafood selections with Signature Southern Bang sauce

Adding the molten cheese sauce

The add-on Cheesey Topping (RM6.90) is poured over favourite signature sauces such as Southern Bang or the tangy, tomato-based Jamba Jamba. 

I love the combination of creamy, molten cheese and hot Cajun spices of Southern Bang, with hints of garlic and slices of lemon. It’s perfect with any choice of seafood, from crab, yabby, sweet prawn, freshwater prawn to scallops, mussels and clams. 

Add a bag buddy: My picks are broccoli, king mushroom and potato while My Best Friend prefers enoki mushroom, chicken sausage and corn.

The “farn toong” (rice lover) in our group is visibly relieved to find rice on the menu and gives two thumbs-up to Shallot Rice (RM3.50). 

 King Crab with Salted Egg sauce and corn

The Salted Egg sauce is not a topping. It’s great if you don’t want the pedas factor or there are children at the table. The young ones also love the squid tentacles, chicken wings, fried enoki mushrooms and potato wedges. 

(no pork served)
21 Jalan SS2/64, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7865 5850

Operating Hours 
Closed Monday

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