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Whimsical display for Christmas

December 6, 2018

If there’s a prize for cuteness in buffet displays, Sedap Restaurant wins knives down. It’s hard to be a Grinch when the display, from appetisers to main courses and dessert, is a parade of whimsical fancies, punctuated by icing sugar figurines of Santa and elves.
Sedap (Malay for delicious) is just off the hotel lobby where a 3m tall Xmas tree stands. As you approach the restaurant, your eyes will be drawn to a red brick stall stacked with festive cookies, cakes and gingerbread houses. Right across from this is a red leather upholstered chair and beyond that, a selfie magnet in the shape of a black hippopotamus sofa underneath a gold Christmas tree. But don’t tarry too long with the selfies. The buffet spread awaits.
Selfie moment on the Black Hippo sofa
Oh, check out the cubes of seared tuna on sticks… the little soupspoons filled with marinated scored squid… mousse rolls with seaweed squiggles… and colourful cubes of vegetable terrine. Are those cherry tomatoes in little sauce bowls? It looks like the chefs have injected the Christmas spirit in the food for a full blast of festive ambience.
Skewers of Seared Tuna
From top: Marinated squid, vegetable flan and potato balls stuffed with cream cheese
Snowman guarding the Seaweed Mousse Rolls 
The only thing I find lacking is proper food labels for all the dishes so that I’d know what I’m taking. Most of the time, I’m guessing what I’ve picked. For instance, the “cherry tomato” turns out to be hollowed potato balls tinged red and filled with a delicious cream cheese centre.
There’s plenty of appetisers. The seared tuna skewers and scored squid demand second helpings. I love the stuffed capsicum, mixed mushroom salad and chicken ham salad. Cold cuts are also available.
Works of  art on the buffet table
Smoked salmon
At one side, there’s seafood on ice – mussels, slipper lobsters, crayfish and the freshest, sweetest poached prawns, along with lemon wedges and a selection of dressings, from bottles of red and green Tabasco to balsamic-olive oil, mayonnaise and tartare. Oysters are schucked while you wait.   
Seafood on ice with choice of dressings
The seafood display is flanked by freshly cut fruit and the Japanese corner where I help myself to sashimi and sushi, smoked salmon and poached salmon, which is perfectly done to retain all the soft juiciness of the fish.
Poached salmon

Selection of the freshest sashimi 
Some salad choices include (l-r) chicken ham, roasted potato and marinated mushrooms
At one side of the restaurant, running along the perimeter, are trays of hot food: Roasted meats, vegetable dhall, mini beef burgers, spinach and onion quiche, teriyaki chicken-leek, pizza, pasta, rice, fried noodles, two choices of soup and bread.
Teriyaki Chicken-Leek
There’s also an action station where you select your meats or seafood and the chef will fry them in your favourite sauce. He will even make pasta to order or dish up a plate of char kway teow.
Pick your favourite seafood and meat and chef with cook it  the way you like it
Naturally, we gravitate towards the braised wagyu beef short ribs with parsley crumb and 12-hour brined roasted turkey. Playing second fiddle are an assortment of vegetables such as baby carrots, Brussels sprouts, baked potatoes, sautéed vegetables and sliced pumpkin as well as apple chestnut bread stuffing, chestnuts and giblet gravy.
Braised Wagyu Short ribs
Delectable vegetables to go with the Short  Ribs and Roasted Turkey
Do keep a bit of tummy space for dessert. Children will love the chocolate fountain but honestly, the other dainty, fanciful offerings are what calls out to me.
Cakes come in bite sizes, each decorated as artfully as the next. Chocolate cases are filled with mango compote or kiwi fruit, cookies iced white, sandwiched with cream and topped with strawberries to turn them into mini trees while rum babas and mango compote are flambed while you watch.
Mango and kiwi fruit tarts as well as cakes

Rum Babas are flambed for serving

Wait, the celebrations have not ended. Just before you go, each table is presented with a bare gingerbread house. Bare? That’s right but it comes with an icing bag, marshmallow twists, cookies and icing figures. 
Decorate your own Gingerbread House. I did (right)
All the "tools" for decorating the gingerbread house

This is when the fun begins. Customers can decorate their own gingerbread house any way they fancy and when they’re done, the waiting staff will wrap it up for the customers to bring home. 
Available only for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day Brunch.


Level 1, Pullman Hotel KLCC
Jalan Conlay
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603-2170 8888
Opening Hours

Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve Dinner Buffet
6.30pm to 10pm
RM168 per person inclusive party pack
RM198 per person inclusive free flow sparkling wine, house wine and beer

Christmas Day & New Year’s Day Brunch Buffet
Noon to 3pm
RM128 per person inclusive party pack
RM198 per person inclusive free flow sparkling wine, house wine and beer

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